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  1. When you’re in a hurry, you might write “it’s” when you really mean “its,” or the other way around. You need to be aware of this mistake and know when to use which. It’s is a contraction of “it is” or “it has.” Its is a possessive determiner we use to say that something belongs to or refers to something.
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  5. Define its. its synonyms, its pronunciation, its translation, English dictionary definition of its. belonging to it: This is its handle. Not to be confused with: it's – it is: It’s cold outside.; it has: It’s been a long winter. adj. The possessive form of.
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  7. its definition: 1. belonging to or relating to something that has already been mentioned: 2. short form of it is. Learn more.
  8. Its is a possessive form of the pronoun it, meaning belonging to it. I t’s is a contraction of the words  it is or it has. (Interestingly, we don’t really contract it was into it’s.) If you’re trying to figure out whether you should write  it’s or its, swap in  it is or  it has.
  9. May 30,  · Its is the form to use in all other instances when you want a form of i-t-s but you are not sure which one. Its is a possessive form; that is, it shows ownership the same way Javier's or Santosh's does. Example: The radio station has lost its license.

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