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  1. Aug 21,  · Sanpaku is a Japanese term for the phenomenon where eyes have the whites visible beneath the iris, which Marcine’s grandmother has, and she believes signifies impending doom (but can be cured with a macrobiotic diet). Her grandmother tells stories of historical figures and celebrities, from Abraham Lincoln to Marilyn Monroe, whose tragedies Brand: Archaia.
  2. Sanpaku 2 points 3 points 4 points 3 days ago * Apprehension is the worst part. Imagine being on the beach in Phuket, Boxing Day , having felt the rumble through your feet and seeing the water move out to sea, and knowing what is to come.
  3. The Story of a Girl with Sanpaku Eyes summary: Sanpaku (三白) is a Japanese term meaning "three whites". It is generally referred to in English as "sanpaku eyes" and refers to eyes in which the white space above or below the iris is visible.
  4. Mar 07,  · 三白眼 Sanpaku or Sambaekahn (T/N: Literally, the Hanja, translates to Three White Eyes): Eyes where see three sides of the white of your eye can be seen around the pupil.
  5. George Ohsawa, born Nyoichi Sakurazawa (櫻澤 如一), October 18, – April 23, , was the founder of the macrobiotic enblocomearswelas.newslagetfdetosudogtprovimnebugal.infoinfo living in Europe he went by the pen names of Musagendo Sakurazawa, Nyoiti Sakurazawa, and Yukikazu enblocomearswelas.newslagetfdetosudogtprovimnebugal.infoinfo also used the French first name Georges while living in France, and his name is sometimes also given this spelling.
  6. Apr 14,  · Sanpaku is a term used to refer to a particular appearance of a person’s eyes. Specifically, if the white of a person’s eyes are visible either below or above the colored portion, or iris, that person is said to have sanpaku eyes. This condition can either affect one .
  7. Apr 27,  · Sanpaku is a japanese word describing a person whose eyes have a certain characteristic. The word sanpaku translates to “three-whites” in english, meaning the white of the eye can be separated into three parts. One part on the inside by your nose.
  8. May 01,  · Sanpaku women are attractive because they have eyesight and give the impression of a strong core. Sanpaku eyed women often have a unique atmosphere because many people have a mysterious impression.
  9. Apr 01,  · Sanpaku describes eyes in which the sclera — the white part — can be seen above or (usually) below the iris. The word is Japanese, from elements meaning “three” and “white,” the idea being that the iris is bounded by sclera on three sides, rather than the usual two.

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